Modern Love Box Set

The Complete Series


The Brush-Off (Modern Love #0.5)
Before The Bartender, there was The Brush-Off—the place where enemies to lovers began... When a blind date turns disastrous, Whitney Knight's life changes forever and there's only one person to blame: Cole Webber.

Charmed by the Bartender (Modern Love #1)
Who knew sleeping with the enemy could be this much fun? By the time I’d figured out WHO the bartender was, I was already falling for him.

Hooked on the Boxer (Modern Love #2)
Who knew a bad boy could mend a broken heart? Until I discovered he was so much more than just a BOXER. Left hook. Right to the heart.

Mad About the Banker (Modern Love #3)
Who knew my brother’s friend could be Mr. Right, not just Mr. Right Now? Well, until I discovered his secret—and it changes EVERYTHING.

A Modern Love Christmas (Modern Love #3.5)
Revisit the Modern Love Series gang when they flee from the city to spend their holiday sharing a log cabin in Climax Cove.

PLUS three bonus scenes written from Cole, Lucas and Jasper’s POV!

Single Dad's Club box Set

The Complete Series


Jailbait (Single Dads Club #0.5)
Who is Marcus Kent other than the first single dad to find his one true love? This is a prequel to Real Deal where Marcus first meets Caterina which spurred their enemies-to-lovers relationship six years before.

Real Deal (Single Dads Club #1)
She’s too young. She’s my client’s daughter. She’s my five-year old’s camp counselor.
When we’re together all the complications fade away and I have to keep reminding myself, even if I can have her— I can’t keep her.

Dirty Talker (Single Dads Club #2)
She might say she can handle being friends-with-benefits, but I’m not sure she can. Unfortunately for her, I’m too selfish of a prick to care—until I do.

Sexy Beast (Single Dads Club #3)
There’s a list of reasons why I shouldn’t give into what I feel—she’s my best friend’s little sister, she’s seen me at my most vulnerable, and the biggest one—she’s the first person in eleven years who has the potential to break me.

Sex Weeks (Single Dads Club #3.5)
Get a glimpse into Charlie and Garrett’s life years after we left them. Now a family of five, they’ve waited the dreaded six weeks since their last blessing entered the world. Too bad nothing goes as planned when you have a house full of kids.

PLUS a Halloween BONUS SCENE in DANE’S POV! But you get a snapshot to where all the single-no-more dads are now!

Bedroom Games

Box Set

It may be the Winter Classics, but the bedroom games are about to begin…

As a set of three Olympic snowboarders head to South Korea to compete, none of them knew that they'd be competing for their hearts.

This box set includes:

Iced Out (Bedroom Games #0.5)
Previously exclusive material only available to Piper Rayne newsletter subscribers. Exactly why do Grady and Mia hate each other in Cold as Ice?

Cold as Ice (Bedroom Games #1)
An enemies-to-lovers AND best friend's little sister romance between half pipe snowboarders Grady Kale (Rogue) and Mia Salter (Lil' Salty). What happens when you're thrown in to a press tour with your ex-best friend's little sister who you're seeing a new light? You realize karma has a sick sense of humor.

On Thin Ice (Bedroom Games #2)
An enemies-to-lovers… well more enemies-with-benefits involving snowboard cross snowboarder Dax Campbell (Soups) and downhill skier Demi Harrison. What happens when you lose your edge and your superstition is sleeping with the girl who believes you're the devil incarnate? You hope for a divine intervention.

Break the Ice (Bedroom Games #3)
A friends-to-lovers romance between slopestyle boarder Beckett (Hoff) Myers and slopestyle skier Skylar Walsh. What happens when your best friend agrees to help you rehab from a broken arm? Lines blur, that's what.

Charity Case

The Complete Series

These three women are the toughest juries they’ll ever have to plead their case to.


Clean Slate (Charity Case #0.5)
Moving two thousand miles away wasn’t my plan, but when family needs you, you come. Before I can head back to my hometown of Chicago though, I have two men to say good-bye to. Neither one of them will be happy to hear the news. One is losing his assistant and the other his seven-year-old daughter.

Manic Monday (Charity Case #1)
The perfect man for me is a charming, sexy, hot as hell lawyer who knows how to negotiate his way into my panties. The problem? Not only is he a lawyer… he was the best man at my wedding.

Afternoon Delight (Charity Case #2)
The perfect man for me is the one who broke my heart. Everyone deserves a second chance to right a wrong. The problem? He’s not just an ex-boyfriend… he’s my ex-husband.

Happy Hour (Charity Case #3)
The perfect man for me is the one I hate the most. The problem? He’s the one man I hate more than my ex-husband… his divorce attorney.

PLUS a Thanksgiving short story that includes the entire Charity Case crew!

Blue Collar Brothers

The Complete Series

Sometimes heroes need saving too.

Three single women.
Three hot first responders.
Three first dates.
Will there be three happily ever afters?


Best Laid Plans (Blue Collar Brothers #0.5)
Join Maddie, Vanessa and Lauren as they attend the first responder bachelor auction and come up with a fun idea sure to keep the bidding interesting.

Flirting With Fire (Blue Collar Brothers #1)
A first responder bachelor auction leads to Maddie winning a date with her former high school crush and now firefighter, Mauro Bianco. It was only supposed to be one date, but as always, the universe has other plans and somehow, they turn into business partners.

Crushing on the Cop (Blue Collar Brothers #2)
Police Officer Cristian Bianco never planned to date his Commander’s daughter, no matter how good looking she is. But when she wins him at the bachelor auction, he’s left with no choice. He quickly finds out she’s gotten herself into a dangerous situation and decides to help her figure out an exit plan.

Engaged to the EMT (Blue Collar Brothers #3)
Paramedic Luca Bianco would never have thought he’d ask his arch nemesis to be his fake fiancée. He might have had a crush on Lauren back in high school, but that was then. Unfortunately, even he sees their head-on collision and he’s powerless to press on the brakes.

Blue Collar Quarantine (Blue Collar Brothers #3.5)
Life gets complicated when Chicago is put in lockdown and all three first responders must continue working. Especially, when the Bianco women get moved in together with Ma and Pa Bianco.

PLUS an extra Mauro and Maddie BONUS scene! What happens with Mauro decides to make a special dinner for Maddie? She becomes dessert.

The Baileys Bundle

Books 1-3.5

​This small town romance series set in the fictional town of Lake Starlight, Alaska follows the lives of nine orphaned Bailey siblings as they tumble into love. But between the anonymous town gossip blog and their matchmaker grandma, finding their happy ever after isn’t always a smooth or straight path.

Included in this collection is:

Lessons from a One-Night Stand (The Baileys #1)
The eldest Bailey, Austin, meets his match after a one-night stand with a mystery woman. Little does he know she’s the new principal of the high school he teaches at.

Advice from a Jilted Bride (The Baileys #2)
Brooklyn Bailey is dumped at the altar but finds solace in the arms of her new neighbor across the hall. But Wyatt isn’t who he says he is, not entirely.

Birth of a Baby Daddy (The Baileys #3)
Rome Bailey has finally returned home and given up his playboy ways to open a new restaurant in town. He could’ve never predicted that the woman he’d spent one night with years before would come looking for him with a baby on her hip.

Operation Bailey Wedding (The Baileys #3.5)
Austin and Holly’s big day is approaching, and all nine siblings are pitching in to help. Like anything with the Baileys, not everything goes according to plan.

The Greene Family #0.5-3.5