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Moonlit Thorns
Midnight Manor Book 1

No one knows what happens up at Midnight Manor.

The home of the Voss brothers sits like a sentinel looking down on our small town, remaining a mystery. The four brooding billionaires rarely leave the confines of the iron gates, fueling rumors that have existed for decades.

When my father dies, all the security I’ve known is ripped away, forcing me to come face to face with the eldest brother, Asher Voss. His outward beauty is just as I’d heard—it belies a predatory nature, irresistibly drawing me in.

A bargain is made, and I have no choice but to live in the shadowy confines of his gothic manor to save my family. As time passes, it becomes harder and harder to deny our attraction.

Asher Voss might be too old for me, and he’s definitely cursed by his own demons, but an inferno of passion between us threatens to either consume or destroy us both.

Trigger warning: Death, death of parent (off page before the story begins), murder, gun violence, alcohol, discussion of childhood physical abuse (off page), discussion of suicide (off page), depression, Knife play, sex club, BDSM, attempted sexual assault by way of drugging (does not happen).

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Shattered Vows
Midnight Manor Book 2

Once upon a time, I thought I’d found my happy ever after. Until she ruined it all.

I’d been on the hunt for four long years, and I finally found her.

I planned the perfect revenge. Kidnapping Rapsody on the day she was set to marry another man and forcing her to face my wrath while trapped in the confines of my family’s gothic manor.

Despite my desire to punish her, there is still an undeniable pull between us. But as the walls of the manor close in around us, we both have to confront the truth. Can we trust each other, or will my dark past consume us both?

Trigger warning: Death, death of parent (off-page before the story begins), murder, gun violence, alcohol, discussion of childhood physical abuse (off page), Knife play, sex club, stabbing, drug use, kidnapping and captivity.

Release Date: June 20, 2024

Midnight Whispers
Midnight Manor Book 3

 Once upon a time, elusive billionaire Nero Voss, thought he’d found his happy ever after. He was wrong.

On the heels of betrayal, he finds himself fascinated with a dancer at the local strip club. A rebound is one thing, but Cinder brings out urges in him that he thought he left behind.

As his obsession grows, he tries to distance himself but when he finds her in need, he can’t resist being the one to lend her a helping hand.

MIDNIGHT WHISPERS is a contemporary dark romance reimagining of Cinderella. Full blurb to come.