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We think some of you might find this helpful so we're going to put a chronological list of series... ***PLEASE NOTE: *You do not have to read them in this order. Each series can be read by themselves!!

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Modern Love Series

San Francisco, CA

The Starting Point. NOTE: There is a box set with extra content available if you prefer.

Book 1: Charmed by the Bartender
Book 2: Hooked on the Boxer
Book 3: Mad About the Banker


Single Dads Club

Climax Cove, OR

Tahlia's sister, Cat, is pulled out from Hooked by the Boxer. NOTE: There is a box set with extra content if you prefer.

Book 1: Real Deal
Book 2: Dirty Talker
Book 3: Sexy Beast


Hollywood Hearts or Dirty Truth

Los Angeles, CA

Charlie's brother, Vance, is pulled out from Sexy Beast.

Book 1: Mister Mom
Book 2: Animal Attraction
Book 3: Domestic Bliss


The Bedroom Games Series

Seoul Korea, OLYMPICS

Jagger's cousin, Grady, is pulled out from Domestic Bliss/Chore Play Please NOTE: These are novellas and there is a box set with extra content if you prefer.

Book 1: Cold as Ice
Book 2: On Thin Ice
Book 3: Break the Ice


Chicago Law Series

Chicago, IL

Jagger's assistant, Victoria, is pulled out from Domestic Bliss/Chore Play in her book, Manic Monday. ALSO, Skylar's cousin, Chelsea, from Break the Ice is pulled to her own book, Afternoon Delight. ALSO... Mauro from Blue Collar Brothers makes his first appearance in Break the Ice (#3 of The Bedroom Games).

Book 1: Manic Monday
Book 2: Afternoon Delight
Book 3: Happy Hour


Blue Collar Brothers

Chicago, IL

Mauro, Cristian and Luca are pulled out from the Charity Case Series. They are all childhood friends with Chelsea from Afternoon Delight in the Charity Case Series. Plus, Chelsea, Victoria and Hannah hang out at The Sandwich Place which Ma and Pa Bianco own.

Book 1: Flirting With Fire
Book 2: Crushing on the Cop
Book 3: Engaged to the EMT


White Collar Brothers

New York, NY

The Blue Collar Brothers Cousin, Enzo Mancini is pulled out from Engaged to the EMT.

Book 1: Sexy Filthy Boss
Book 2: Dirty Flirty Enemy
Book 3: Wild Steamy Hook-up


The Rooftop Crew

Cliffton Heights, NY

Blanca Mancini, sister of the White Collar Brothers gets her own book, starting a new series.

Book 1: My Bestie's Ex
Book 2: A Royal Mistake
Book 3: The Rival Roomies
Book 4: Our Star-Crossed Kiss
Book 5: The Do-Over
Book 6: A Co-Worker's Crush


Hockey Hotties


You'll see a sneak peek of one of the characters in A Co-Worker's Crush from the Rooftop Crew.

Book 0.5: Countdown to a Kiss
Book 1: My Lucky #13
Book 2: The Trouble with #9
Book 3: Faking it with #41
Book 3.5: Tropical Hat Trick
Book 4: Sneaking around with #34
Book 5: Second Shot with #76
Book 6: Offside with #55


Kingsmen Football Stars

San Francisco, CA

Book 0.5: False Start
Book 1: You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows
Book 2: You Can't Kiss the Nanny, Brady Banks
Book 3: Over My Brother's Dead Body, Chase Andrews

Chicago Grizzlies

Chicago, IL

Book 0.5: On the Defense
Book 1: Something Like Hate
Book 2: Something Like Lust
Book 3: Something Like Love


The Baileys

They're all by themselves up in Lake Starlight Alaska.

Book 1: Lessons from a One-Night Stand
Book 2: Advice from a Jilted Bride
Book 3: Birth of a Baby Daddy
Book 3.5: Operation Bailey Wedding
Book 4: Falling for My Brother's Best Friend
Book 5: Demise of a Self-Centered Playboy
Book 6: Confessions of a Naughty Nanny
Book 6.5: Operation Bailey Babies
Book 7: Secret's of a World's Worst Matchmaker
Book 8: Winning My Best Friend's Girl
Book 9: Rules for Dating Your Ex
Book 9.5: Operation Bailey Birthday


The Greene Family

An off shoot from the Baileys series. Set in Sunrise Bay, Alaska.

Book 0.5: My Twist of Fortune
Book 1: My Beautiful Neighbor
Book 2: My Almost Ex
Book 3: My Vegas Groom
Book 3.5: Summer Bash
Book 4: My Sister's Flirty Friend
Book 5: My Unexpected Surprise
Book 6: My Famous Frenemy
Book 6.5: A Green Family Vacation
Book 7: My Scorned Best Friend
Book 8: My Fake Fiancé
Book 9: My Brother's Forbidden Friend
Book 9.5: A Greene Family Christmas

Lake Starlight

Book 1: The Problem with Second Chances
Book 2: The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates
Book 3: The Trouble with Runaway Brides

Complete standalone

Single and Ready to Jingle

Claus and Effect