Lake Starlight

The Problem with Second Chances

Book 1

The Bailey and Greene families merge together when Piper Rayne delivers the book their readers have been begging for. Calista Bailey and Rylan Greene have known one another since the age of six. Their lives have woven in and out of each other’s between being soccer teammates and rivals and their grandmas being best friends. You’ve only seen glimpses of them in their sibling’s story, but this novel is all their own.

The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates

Book 2

After talking to the roommate finder service, she was expecting a woman for a roommate, but what she got was a motorcycle riding, tatted-up bad boy with only a duffle bag. Find out which Bailey finds herself trying not to fall!

Full blurb and cover coming soon!

The Trouble with Runaway Brides

Book 3

Oh, how twisted teenage love can be. Once upon a time, he thought he loved her. Now, years later, after they’ve both moved on, he somehow finds himself on a plane seated next to her wearing her wedding dress with smeared mascara, asking him for help. Which Bailey man would rescue a woman from her own wedding, putting his own heart at risk of heartbreak?

Full blurb and cover coming soon!