Vow of Revenge
Mafia Academy Book 1

Mirabella La Rosa

When my father arranged for me to marry the heir to the Costa crime family, I swore I’d do anything to escape that fate. I have more to offer than being some man’s arm candy and producing heirs. Marcello Costa might be my fiancé, but he’ll never be my husband.

So when he and his father are killed in a car bombing, I consider myself lucky. No longer will I have to go from being a mafia princess to becoming a mafia wife, I can now attend the Sicuro Academy—a private college created for mafia children like me.

But all my plans come to a screeching halt when Marcello shows up on campus alive and well, seeking revenge on those that crossed him.

Marcello Costa

The look of shock on my fiancée’s face when I walked into the classroom pleases me more than it should. Mirabella made it clear she didn’t want to marry me, but at the moment I have a bigger issue on my hands—revenge on whoever killed my father. Once I mete out my own particular brand of justice, I’ll remove Mirabella from campus and make her my wife.

And no amount of pleading on her part will change my mind.

Trigger warning: alcohol, attempted murder, profanity, sexually explicit scenes, stalking, physical violence, gun violence

Corrupting the Innocent
Mafia Academy Book 2

Sofia Moretti

For years, I’ve harbored a secret love for my best friend’s older brother. Yet, he’s never shown any sign of sharing my feelings.

My fantasies will remain just that—fantasies. For two reasons. First, he’s arranged to marry the cunning and cold-hearted Aurora Salucci. Second, Antonio always does what his duty demands, and if his father wants him married to Aurora, he’ll marry her.

Forced to watch her parade him all over Sicuro Academy, I do my best to push Antonio from my mind and hope I can move on from someone who will never be mine…

Antonio La Rosa

My life has been a series of duties—to the mafia, to my father, but never to myself. Aurora and I are a good match as far as mafia politics go, but she’s nothing I’ve ever wanted in a wife with her hard edges and being about as malleable as granite.

Then there’s Sofia Moretti, my little sister’s best friend. I never looked at her with anything other than sisterly affection, until recently. Now she consumes my every thought. My every desire. Her innocence beckons me, and I yearn to be the one who taints it.

But I have a duty. And right now, the family needs me to uncover the traitor plotting against us… and that traitor may be closer than I ever imagined.

Trigger warning: alcohol, attempted murder, profanity, sexually explicit scenes, cheating (but no bed hopping), pregnancy loss, physical violence, murder, and death.

 The Mafia King's Sister
Mafia Academy Book 3

Aria Costa

The first time I saw Gabriele Vitale, some dark yearning deep inside me called to him and no matter what I did, I couldn’t stop wanting him. He’s made it clear that he wants nothing to do with me. But sometimes there’s a flicker of interest in his eye, and it’s enough to make me know he’s lying. When a stupid decision on my part throws us together, I get a first-hand view of the darkness he alludes to. One part of me is drawn to it. Another part of me is frightened by it. But not enough to stop from getting to know him better. He’s like a black hole, slowly sucking me in. As the darkness consumes me, I don’t care if it destroys me.

Gabriele Vitale

Aria Costa is off-limits for many reasons, the least of which is that she’s Marcello Costa’s younger sister. She’s also too young and way too inexperienced to be with someone like me who enjoys dabbling in the darker side of sensuality. My father and her brother have made it clear that I am to steer clear. And I try. But it proves impossible to erase her from my mind. Whenever she’s near, my protective instincts roar, “Mine” and I’d do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Which is why after a foolish decision one night I’m forced to help her figure out who’s threatening her and what they want. I’d give my life for hers, and it might very well come to that.

This title was previously published as Coveting the Mafia King's Sister.

Trigger warning: alcohol, attempted murder, profanity, sexually explicit scenes, bondage, physical violence, gun violence, murder, and death.

Craving My Rival
Mafia Academy Book 4

Polina Aminoff

At the Sicuro Academy, the Russians and the Italians give each other a wide berth. We’re bitter enemies after all. So imagine my disbelief when my brother announces that I’m to wed Dante Accardi, next in line to run the Accardi Italian crime family. After the shock subsides, I’m determined to save myself. It’s not until my plan is in full swing that I realize there might be more to Dante than I thought. But those closest to me, those who were supposed to protect me have always hurt me. Now I must decide whether to trust him with my heart or if he’ll just be another person in my life who brings me to my knees.

Dante Accardi

Polina Aminoff is a Bratva brat and an ice princess that I don’t think even an easy-going guy like me can thaw. And I’ve never had an issue melting the panties off a woman before. I’m just as unhappy about our engagement as she is, but my father made it clear—it is my duty to the family. Once we’re forced together, another side of Polina shines and I start to think we could have a future together that doesn’t involve being bitter rivals. But she’s hiding something, I just don’t know what. Which leaves me wondering, can I ever really trust my enemy?

Trigger warnings: alcohol, murder, profanity, sexually explicit scenes, physical abuse, physical violence, and death by fire.