We’re thrilled to announce that Shattered Vows, the second book in our Midnight Manor series is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook, audiobook and paperback format!
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Once upon a time, I thought I’d found my happy ever after. Until she ruined it all.
I’d been on the hunt for four long years, and I finally found her.
I planned the perfect revenge. Kidnapping Rapsody on the day she was set to marry another man and forcing her to face my wrath while trapped in the confines of my family’s gothic manor.
Despite my desire to punish her, there is still an undeniable pull between us. But as the walls of the manor close in around us, we both have to confront the truth. Can we trust each other, or will my dark past consume us both?
SHATTERED VOWS is a dark contemporary romance that weaves together the themes of desire and redemption and is a Rapunzel reimagining with the following tropes: age gap, anti-hero, gothic romance, secret society, forced proximity, opposites attract, enemies to lovers, morality chain, billionaire, and second chance.