The Abbott Brothers Series

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Rent-A Husband

Book 1

When Camila Wright hired me to fix a few things around her house I didn’t expect to find myself swindled into a fake relationship with her.

Sure, my company is called Rent-A Husband but that’s not what people actually hire me for.

But when I find her elbow deep in a tub of ice cream with tears running down her face how can I turn down her proposition?

Suddenly a fake relationship becomes a fake marriage that we have to keep up all summer. Which is all fine and good except for the part where we both agreed not to let anything ‘real’ creep into our arrangement.

But then certain parts of me start to crave certain parts of her and things become even more complicated because we both have our own reasons for wanting what we have to remain make-believe only.

Buy A Boyfriend

Book 2

When Isla took the job at Rent-A-Husband she knew she’d be surrounded by fine male specimens. All the online reviews talked more about how attractive the contractors were than how good they were with a hammer. It would just be a perk of the job, that’s all. Because she was done with men. DONE. That’s right, all caps done. Dating felt like a cesspool and no one was ever really who they said they were.

So when she arrives at her new job and figures out that one of the owners is the same man she bid on at a bachelor auction and had a terrible date with, she figured she’d just keep her distance and do her work.

I mean the man grunted more than he spoke and when he did speak there was never anything nice that came out of his mouth. At least to her. But still, she finds herself daydreaming that he’ll clear off her desk and ravage her on top of it. Then one day her daydream comes true—only it turns into a nightmare.

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