A Valentine’s Day Treat For Our Readers!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers! If you read Chore Play you may remember Jagger and Quinn’s first kiss after ALL those years apart happened on the beach in Quinn’s POV. But what was Jagger thinking? Well, as a special Valentine’s Day treat we’ve got that scene for you in Jagger’s POV!

Chore Play is still available through Kindle Unlimited for another month and you can grab your copy on Amazon now! Enjoy!

Her soft moans unglue the minuscule amount of self-control I have left. My hands slide to her back, and I push her forward so we’re chest to chest. I half expect her to smack me, but her delicate hands wind around my neck, her lips firm to mine. Our mouths are frenzied and hungry for the vacant fourteen years without one another. In all the kisses, in all the woman, no one affects me like her. No one entices the craving she does.

My hands land on either side of her face only to make sure she can’t slip from my hold. I slow the kiss down, our tongues still sliding along, not wanting this to end, but the last thing I need is to come in my pants right now. Tilting her head back, my lips travel along her jaw and down her neck under her ear, to the sensitive spot that used to drive her crazy.

“I closed my eyes and imagined it was your nipple I was sucking. That’s the only way I could go through with it.” A painful groan rumbles from inside her and her hands tighten along the back of my head. “After you left, I pushed her off me and went to my room.” Her hands land on top of mine and for a brief second I worry she’s going to pry my hands off her. “I spent the whole night second guessing my decision. I was stupid and young. I should’ve—“

“Shh,” she says, her lips meeting mine, her tongue claiming control. A million endorphins burst through my head, down to my toes and then rocket to one direct target—my dick.

My hands slide down to her ass. God, it’s the perfect fit in my hands. I hoist her up and she doesn’t miss a beat, wrapping her legs around my waist. I wish I could lay her down on the soft sand, strip her t-shirt off and lick her nipples until she’s writhing with want under me. Take her as gently as I used to, but show her how much I’ve improved.

A kid’s crying alerts me we’re not alone and I don’t need this shit on TMZ tomorrow. “Shit.” I draw back, loosening my grip on her. Her legs loosen and fall to my side, as her small body teases me, sliding down my body. “We’re in public.”

She bites her lip, stepping away from me then slyly wipes her mouth, her eyes roaming the area like she’s searching for the reason I stopped us.

“We should go.” Without waiting, her heels dig into the sand as she walks away faster than a power walker at the mall.

I catch up to her, grab her hand, pulling her back into my arms. “Come home with me.” I lift her hand and kiss the palm.

Her head tilts in a questioning way, but the answer is in her eyes.

“One night.” I hold up my finger and a smile teases her lips.

“You don’t hold agreements very well.”

I chuckle, leaving my lips millimeters from her skin. “Please, we don’t even have to sleep together or touch each other, but…”

“That’s a little presumptuous of you.” She narrows her eyes. “I gave you last night.”

The agent in me is screaming to use the persuasive techniques I’ve learned through the years, but the other part of me says, don’t you dare. For the first time in a long time I listen to the voice of reason inside my head. I don’t want to have to talk her into something. It means nothing if she doesn’t want this as bad as me.

We stare into each other’s eyes, my breath finally reaching a normal tempo from our earlier kiss.

“Okay,” she says. “It’s probably a bad decision, but you need to douse this flame you’ve ignited inside of me.”

I pick her up in my arms, carrying her to my car because tonight I’ll show her exactly how perfect we are together.