Order Signed Copies of the Modern Love Series!

One of the questions readers ask us most is whether they can purchase signed books from us. And until recently the answer was no. BUT…we’re happy to report that we’re going to be offering up series reader boxes four times a year!

First up!? The Modern Love series of course! We have to begin with the original gang we all fell in love with. AND because we’ve had so many requests for the original covers and because we value our readers so much we’re going to give you a choice…you can decide whether you want the original covers (pictured below), or the current ones (pictured above)! Or both if really want. LOL

In addition, if you’re a real unicorn and you want some extra goodies we have the unicorn box available for purchase which includes a bunch of Modern Love series themed goodies! Included in this box are the three signed Modern Love paperbacks, a unicorn-themed book cozy (may be a different pattern than pictured), a pair of socks that say either ‘Mother Fucking Girl Power’ or ‘Bitches Get Shit Done’, a set of three pencils that say “Fueled by Coffee, Sarcasm & Zero Fucks” (Lennon anyone!?), a Tinkled Pink candle, a unicorn c*ck sticker, a bookmark and a chapstick. There are only 25 of these boxes available so order early if you have your heart set on one of these! Edited to add: All unicorn boxes have now been sold, but you can still place an order for the paperbacks themselves.

The need to know:

  • Orders must be placed by days end Sunday, March 18th and payments must be made by days end March 20th (see below for deadline to pay for a unicorn reader box)
  • All invoices will be done through PayPal
  • Any invoices not paid by the invoice deadline will be canceled and the order will not be processed
  • If you order one of the unicorn reader boxes you will have only TWO days to pay your invoice after which it will be canceled and offered to the next person in line
  • Orders will be shipped by mid-April and you will be given a tracking number
  • We are not responsible for orders shipped to the wrong address if you put the wrong address down. If we messed up, we’ll own our mistake 😉
  • Cost for the paperback only boxes will be $40 and INCLUDES shipping & handling to the continental US
  • Cost for the unicorn reader boxes will be $80 and INCLUDES shipping & handling to the continental US
  • International orders welcome. We will let you know the shipping cost first to make sure you still want to proceed with your order

If you want to place an order please fill out this Google form with all your details and we will invoice you.

Eventually we will have a storefront that will allow you to check out yourself, but that was a few weeks away and we didn’t want to hold this up so for this time around we’re going to do the invoicing manually. Series boxes for the Single Dads Club will start selling in June.

Thanks again for all the support! If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the contact tab on this site. <3


Piper & Rayne